In a sunny state like Nevada, Las Vegans, who harness the power of the sun, can save up to 95% on their power bills with a solar energy system. Meet savvy homeowner Thomas Zaborski, who has leveraged the benefits of a roof solar array since May 2013. Allegiant Electric installed the 60-panel solar system, about which Zaborski says was implemented in four phases. He gleefully shares, “There is now no more room left on my roof.”

Zaborski’s home in the Silverado Ranch area includes three air conditioning units—one zone for each of the three stories. The three thermostats are controlled by Mr. Zaborski, as well as nine security cameras. “My system has generated over 126 megawatts back to the NV Energy grid,” said Zaborski. Additionally, the system’s production has garnered over $17,000 in value.

The Enphase Enlighten system helps Mr. Zaborski have complete visibility into the success of his solar system. The project generated 23,336-kilowatt-hours in 2019 alone. He is also able to see the impact his home’s solar array has made on the environment. As of the fall of 2019, this avoided cost is equivalent to planting seven acres of trees, it could power seven stadiums for one day, and it has made a carbon offset of 82.9 tons. (This is the weight of almost 12 average African elephants!)

After homeowners decide they want to go solar, Zaborski recommends working with a solar energy consultant to review previous power bills and determine the appropriate size system that is needed. “Your solar consultant can review them to determine the system you need,” he said. “I started with a smaller system than I really needed and built up to a larger system. There are many ways you can put your system together.”

When asked to share his experience with other homeowners who might be interested in installing solar, he says, “Don’t rent; buy. If you rent and want to sell your house, you have to find someone willing to buy (and later sell) your contract.” Zaborski also recommends net metering, which is available through the local power company. “The net meters that are currently available allow you to take surplus energy from months you produce more energy than you need as credit for months when you need more energy than you generate.”

To learn more about leveraging solar energy to save money—and lessen your environmental footprint—contact us today at 702-350-3302.

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