By Tom Zind As an asset that gives electrical contractors the service mobility and flexibility they need, vehicles are equal parts unsung hero and needy partner. Take care of them, and they’ll reliably deliver; neglect them, and they’ll drag you down. Beyond that simple bargain, fleet management issues rarely stray into complicated, uncharted waters for […]

Allegiant Electric is a full-service commercial and residential electrician. Ever wonder what that means for your business or home? Learn more about what services we provide in this at-a-glance overview.

Did you know that August 17th is designated as National Non-Profit Day? FUNDrive describes the day as one “to recognize the immense effort non-profits and charities put into making an impact in their communities and across the globe.” In honor of this recognition, Allegiant Electric wanted to highlight several local non-profit organizations we have supported […]