Perched atop a stunning home in Spanish Heights, nestle 100 photovoltaic solar panels, bringing a 43.5 kW system to the homeowners below. This ballast system had to be approved through a structural engineer and was a challenging accomplishment for the Allegiant Electric team. Project manager Mark Rogge says, “Our team did a very professional job.” […]

We are proud to announce that Allegiant Electric co-founder and COO, Andrea Vigil, has been selected as one of the three forum representatives for Nevada Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West (WBEC-West). WBEC-West is a professional organization that focuses on connecting woman-owned businesses and interested parties to increase economic vitality. “I am honored to serve an organization […]

By Tom Zind As an asset that gives electrical contractors the service mobility and flexibility they need, vehicles are equal parts unsung hero and needy partner. Take care of them, and they’ll reliably deliver; neglect them, and they’ll drag you down. Beyond that simple bargain, fleet management issues rarely stray into complicated, uncharted waters for […]