Now that it is May with gorgeous weather in Las Vegas, we wanted to share some tips to make the most of this season.

• Enjoy the fresh air! The shoulder seasons of spring and fall are perfect for opening up a window instead of turning on the air conditioner.

• Remember to replace smoke detectors every ten years; batteries should also be kept up-to-date. This time of year is also an excellent opportunity to change out air filters in your home.

• Convert burned-out light bulbs to LED options, which are more energy-efficient and can help reduce energy demand.

• Consider making small investments in your home, like carbon monoxide detectors and security lights, for peace of mind. Also, Ring doorbells can bring visibility to your front door, whether you’re home or not. And lastly, installing Nest thermostats can control your temperatures from an easy-to-use app.

• Have an extra freezer in your garage? Make sure it is plugged into a regular, non-protected outlet. By code, garage receptacles are already built to be protected, and GFI-protected outlets may trip…often causing frozen food to spoil.

• Hire a professional to check that your main electrical panel is in good working order and not overheating.