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Allegiant Electric LLC cares deeply about the health and well-being of our clients and team members. Therefore, during this time of uncertainty, we have implemented the recommendations and best practices in our company regarding the COVID-19, Coronavirus.

Our team is taking action:

  • We wash our hands often and carry hand sanitizer with us. We wash hands thoroughly before and after every appointment.
  • Stay home if they or family members are sick.
  • Keep a 6′ distance from all.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces.
  • We are working remotely and staying at home until you need us at your home.
  • Live electricians ready to answer questions and solve electrical challenges over the phone if possible.

For our clients:

Please let us know if you or anyone in your household has been sick during the last two weeks. In these scenarios, our electricians will use appropriate precautions.

Stay healthy and stay strong. We are stronger than any virus!


Be Well This Spring 

Happy Spring! As we start a new season with the news of the Coronavirus pandemic on our minds, the team at Allegiant Electric sends our best for a healthy start to springtime. While things are changing daily, we wanted to share that we are currently open and fully operational to support our clients.

And if you and your family are either self-quarantining or following social distancing, we thought the below spring-cleaning tips might come in handy:

  • Replace smoke detectors every ten years; batteries should also be kept up-to-date.
  • Convert burned-out light bulbs to LED options, which are more energy-efficient and can help bring energy demand down.
  • Consider making small investments in your home, like carbon monoxide detectors and security lights for peace of mind. Also, Ring doorbells can bring visibility to your front door, whether you’re home or not. And lastly, installing Nest thermostats can make controlling your temperatures from an easy-to-use app.
  • Have an extra freezer in your garage? Make sure it is plugged into a regular, non-protected outlet. By code, garage receptacles are already built to be protected, and GFI-protected outlets may trip…often causing frozen food to spoil.
  • Take the opportunity to change out air filters.
  • Hire a professional to check that your main electrical panel is in good working order and not overheating.

We are proud to call Las Vegas home and to deliver electrifying experiences within Las Vegas. Take care this spring!

Be well,

Your friends at Allegiant Electric


Emergency Repairs


Electrical Panel Upgrades


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Wiring Repairs

Your Ideal Electrical Contractor

Do the lights in your home need upgrading? Have you been dying to install that new chandelier in your living room and can’t figure who to call? Allegiant Electric LLC are the right professionals for the job and our electrical wiring company is conveniently located in the Las Vegas, NV area.

The Services We Provide

We are expert electricians that have experience performing a wide range of electrical tasks. The services that we offer include emergency repairs, electrical panel upgrades, lighting installation, wiring repairs, smoke, and security alarm installation, ceiling fan installation and replacement, electrical audits, residential and commercial lights, and we also offer commercial electrical troubleshooting.

Improve The Lighting In Your Room

With all the new technology around these days, there are many new advanced lighting systems that can be installed in your home or office space. With our reliable electrical wiring, we can install updated lighting systems that have keyless light fixture options and more! Whether you want something that is more advanced or not, we can install or repair almost any lighting or electrical wiring problem in your home or office.

Leave It To The Professionals

Electrical wiring troubleshooting is not an easy job for just anyone. It requires licensed and insured professionals who know exactly what they are doing. Good news for you, we are exactly those experts so you can trust us to meet your lighting or electrical needs.

If you are looking for an electrical contractor in the Las Vegas, NV area, give Allegiant Electric LLC a call today!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have questions regarding our company and the services we provide for our clients in Las Vegas, NV, here, you can find the answers needed. If you still cannot see the answers you are looking for, give Allegiant Electric LLC a call at (702) 350-3302 for more information. We will answer all your questions!

Q: How can I find a reliable residential electrician in my area?

A: When you need an electrician, our company has you covered. The truth is, an expert should only undertake some jobs, you’d better not fiddle with your electrical outlets and wiring system.

Q: Why should I contact a company for a professional electrical wiring troubleshooting in my area?

A: Why run the risk of making an electrical issue even more complicated when you can book an expert electrician to take care of those faulty outlets? We achieve the outstanding results that you want and deserve

Q: Since when has this electrical wiring company near me been operating?

A: We have been in business since in 2015. However, we have over 20 years of experience in our field of work. We are fully trained experts and continue to expand our knowledge as the industry changes. 

Q: How can I save energy in my office?

A: The easiest and quickest way you can save energy in any building is by making sure your lighting system is as efficient as possible. There are many options available to make your lighting more efficient.

 Q: What is a GFCI outlet?

A: It’s a type of electrical outlet that is designed to protect you from electrical shock when there is any moisture.  Such outlets are commonly found in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and outdoor outlets. 

Q: What types of light bulbs should I use for my home?

A: Energy-efficient light bulbs can surely save you money over time. They can also reduce your carbon footprint. The most common type on the market today is the compact fluorescent light. 

Q: How to know that my electrical outlet is burning?

A: Emergency room doctors treat over 4,000 individuals each year for injuries caused by burnt electrical outlets. We will inspect the outlet receptacles in your home and ensure that they are safe for use.

Q: Why do my lights flicker?

A: In most cases, it may be a light bulb. However, in other cases, it can mean something more serious. It could be potentially dangerous, and this is why you should contact us for inspection.

Q: Why is my light switch hot?

A: When you reach your light switch to turn it off, you will find that it’s hot to the touch, and this means that you have a problem. It indicates that serious issues are hiding behind your walls. 

Are you still having trouble finding the answers to your questions regarding our electrical company in Las Vegas, NV? If so, you are more than welcome to give Allegiant Electric LLC a call, and we will be more than happy to answer all your questions! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Client’s Testimonial

by Bob Treska on Allegiant Electric LLC

Allegiant Electric installed our home's solar panels and they ran eletric in my Commercial Kitchen for larger equipment. I give them a 5 Star Rating and highly recommend them. Thanks Allegiant Electric

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